Check/ Uncheck all checkbox with JQuery

Check Uncheck all checkbox with Jquery

Gmail is the most basic thing we all use everyday. When I was in my high school I always fancied how their checkboxes worked, Not until I started learning HTML, Jquery and Javascript I came to know its very easy to implement it. So in this tutorial I will be explaining you how to Check/Uncheck all checkbox with Jquery.

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What will this script do?

Well as the post title says it will do the exact same thing. User can check/uncheck all checkbox by clicking on just one checkbox. I have used Jquery library to do the effect. Also note that this script will only work with jquery 1.7.2 library and above.

Adding the check/uncheck effect with Jquery

Just follow this 4 simple steps and you will be amazed how quickly it’s done:

1. Add a checkbox that will be the main checkbox to be used for check/uncheck effect. Add class chk_all to it.

<input type="checkbox" name="chk_all" class="chk_all">

2. Add as many sub checkboxes you want. They are the one on whom the effect will be applied. Add class checkboxes to it.
<input type="checkbox" name="country_id" class="checkboxes" value="1" >
<input type="checkbox" name="country_id" class="checkboxes" value="2" >
<input type="checkbox" name="country_id" class="checkboxes" value="3" >
<input type="checkbox" name="country_id" class="checkboxes" value="4" >
<input type="checkbox" name="country_id" class="checkboxes" value="5" >

3. Add jquery library to your html. if you add external jquery library make sure it’s above 1.7.2
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.9.0.min.js"></script>

4. Now add the heart of the code, the code that does the trick. Bind the main checkbox with the onClick event to check/uncheck all checkbox depending upon their state, Similarly bind the sub checkboxes with the onClick event too to check/uncheck the main checkbox depending upon the values of the sub checkboxes.
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () { 

	// binding the check all box to onClick event
    $(".chk_all").click(function () {

		var checkAll = $(".chk_all").prop('checked');
		if (checkAll) {
			$(".checkboxes").prop("checked", true);
		} else {
			$(".checkboxes").prop("checked", false);


    // if all checkboxes are selected, then checked the main checkbox class and vise versa

        if($(".checkboxes").length == $(".subscheked:checked").length) {
            $(".chk_all").attr("checked", "checked");
        } else {



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