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Follow it - Feedburner Alternative

Looking for a Feedburner Alternative: Since Google has announced the closure of the subscription services of Feedburner, bloggers and site owners are worried about the email subscriptions that gave them loads of clients through email marketing.

Although, the market has always been jam-packed with numerous email subscription services and one can easily find the alternative for this; yet we crave the best one. And, follow.it is certainly counted amongst the best to attain maximum subscribers and readers for your blog.

But, before you dive into this blog, let’s get introduced to follow.it. So here we go…

What’s Follow.it?

Imagine you have created a amazing blog. Now you want your readers to read and share it to get aware of your brand and products. But, the reality hits you hard as you get just a handful of readers and subscribers as you don’t have good or no subscription services.

Now, imagine a perfect tool which make your readers aware about every post and updates on your site; without failing. Adding on that, there will be no fear of your mails drowning in the spam box and hence, the least risk of missing out on information, you want your readers to pay attention to. That’s what follow.it does.

It ensures that your readers pay serious attention to your immense efforts on blog and newsletters, enabling a wide choice of output channels.

So, if you’re counting on a handful of visitors right now, you ought to take a test drive with follow.it.

Why would you choose to follow.it?

To get maximum visitors

With follow.it, you’re assured that your visitors will come back to your site. For this, they keep a track of everything with a justified and revolutionary mechanism. Want to take a tour? Go to follow.it

Play for long-term benefits

With follow.it, you’re no more a small player. Once you shake hands with it, you’ll play on the long race, providing your readers and subscribers with a wide range of filters for newsfeed. Once they follow your feed through follow.it, they can filter for what they want in news and updates.

Explore more to get more

With follow.it, you’re going to learn a lot of better ways to attract maximum visitors to your site and converting them to your subscribers and eventually clients for the long run. With its wide ocean of information, you are surely going to excel in terms of visitors, subscribers and clients. Learn more about it follow.it’s thorough documentation.

The best alternative to feedburner

As the team of Feedburner announced the discontinuation of its subscription services, the right choice of alternative is a big question amongst bloggers.

Now, in the dark path, follow.it steps up to lead the way. it is not limited to emails but offers a wide range of delivery channels including RSS, Telegram, News Page etc. Its basic plan allows unlimited followers and emails.

Get amazing Pop-ups Free

And, we can’t miss this amazing feature of crazy pop-ups that you can use on your website. You can filter the pop-ups according to your choice and taste to opt for the best one as you already know that pop-ups create magic in your site. Want to check it out? Go to MyPopUps.

One platform, many features! Well, who’s not going to use it? If you’re thinking of How to switch from Feedburner to follow.it, there’s no need to worry. follow.it has the answer for this as well. Isn’t it great? So, what are you waiting for? Just follow.it

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