6 Incredible free tools by Aaraf Academy – You can thank us later

6 Incredible free tools by Aaraf Academy

If you have a website or an APP, you should check out Impulse, which offers free tools to help you save time and money. It provides a wide range of solutions with an easy-to-use interface that even kids can use. I am sure you will find these tools fruitful. So without further ado, let us get started.

Free Tools for Policy Generator

Free Tools for Policy Generator

Every genuine website or an APP must have legal pages including Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions of Services, GDPR COPPA, etc. But the process of drafting these legal pages is not a cup of tea; in fact, tedious and time-consuming. What if we say that the task can be done with a single and genuine policy generator within a couple of minutes?

Yes, you read it right! Impulse’s Policy Generator free tool can create your legal pages in the blink of an eye. All you have to do is fill in your basic details such as company name, location, business email address, contact number, and you’re all done with the legal policies.

Not only this, but you can also prepare customized policies with the guidance of accredited experts who will draft your policies at the least to no out-of-pocket cost.

Browse Policy Generator free tool

Free Tools for Testimonial Templates

Free Tools for Testimonial Templates

Have trouble writing a testimonial or review? How about looking at our templates? These sample templates are worth using, which can be customized as needed. If the subject fits your needs, you can also duplicate the exact phrase.

Please note: we do not encourage fake testimonials or reviews. These templates have been provided purely for your inspiration.

Browse Testimonial Templates free tool

E-Commerce Categories

E-Commerce Categories

Are you building an e-commerce website or an APP? Adding categories to the e-commerce project is an important step. The categories and subcategories provided by our e-commerce category section can cover nearly any type of project you have. You can download the list in SQL, CSV, and JSON format as your preference, free of cost.

Download E-Commerce List free

Brands List

Brands List

Are you looking for real brand names for your project? Want to add real brands to your database? Congratulations, you’ve landed on the right page! Stop wasting your precious time researching all the brands when we can instantly provide you with the list. You can download the list in SQL, CSV, and JSON format.

Download Brands List free

Countries List

Almost every project, be it a website or android application, requires countries’ names somehow or another. Impulse has an amazing list of all countries and their ISD and ISO codes, so look no further. You can download the list in SQL, CSV, and JSON format and get your task done in the nick of time.

Download Countries List free

Dummy Profile List: Free tools

Dummy Profile List: Free tools

While building a user-centric website or CRM, the most crucial data is the Users list. Our Impulse Free tools for dummy profile data like the first name, last name, age, gender, address, etc, have their place value when creating a data-centric website. With our dummy profile generator tool, you can instantly generate a fine list of profiles on your website, giving it an honest look with profiles. You can import data into your database instantly and say Wingardium Leviosa!

Browse Dummy Profile free tool



Before you dive in to learn a brand-new programming language or compose an article about programming, it is often helpful to know their terms and vocabulary.

Understanding programming terms helps you recognize your domain much better and quicker. Many coding terms, vocabulary, and concepts can feel foreign to you. So, it’s vital to understand and feel comfortable with coding terminology before diving into it. By learning the most typical programming terms and ideas, you can analyze and learn more about particular languages.

This list has popular programming and coding terms simplified for beginners to understand. You can use it as a reference for finding out or as a refresher if you have already started coding. We will regularly be updating the list so you can always have terms to learn.

Browse Terminology for free


If you are looking for inspiration, look no further. We have compiled a great list of Quotes for your daily dose of inspiration. You can download them for free and share them on your social media.

Browse Quotes


Time is precious, and we all want to make it worth it with each second passing by. So stop wasting time surfing relevant content or chasing people for the same when you can draft it yourself in the least hour, be it privacy policy, testimonials, or dummy profile data.

Still can’t believe it? Check the power of Impulse and decide then!

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