Install XAMPP on windows machine

Installing xampp on windows machine

In this tutorial, you will learn to install XAMPP on windows machine, create and execute your first PHP program, and manage the database through phpMyAdmin.

What is XAMPP?

XAMPP name is an acronym for:

XAMPP is a development tool used by designers and developers to test their work on their computers, without any access to the Internet. We can develop and test our project on the local server before deploying it to the production server.

The complete process to install XAMPP on the windows machine is shown in the video below.

If you have trouble watching this video watch it in HD


Alternatives to XAMPP are given below:

  • MAMP (Mac OS X computer)
  • WAMP (Windows Machine)

If you find any trouble installing it, refer to their official website.

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harinath on

hi Shahrukh Khan,
Good morning, My name harinath i am developing a website in wordpress.
But i have lots of doubts in PHP .
How to edit HTML code in PHP files.?
How to find where can i find that php file with html code?

i can edit that html code through chrome browser.

Please help me

Thanks & Regards
Harinath babu

Shahrukh Khan on

Hi. Learning PHP is one thing and learning WordPress is another. PHP is a language whereas WordPress is a CMS built on PHP. I would strongly suggest you to go through the WordPress tutorials to get a basic knowledge abt it. Also regarding your query, the html code can be found under wp-content// Also don’t forget each file has its own meaning and used for specific purpose. So refer to WordPress official site.

patrick on

hey shahrukh! iam an attachee in a very profound company but iam having problem learning to code with php.waht do i do?

Shahrukh Khan on

maybe you need a bit more practice and focus on those lessons. try to learn from codeacademy or php official website.


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