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Online Examination System is made with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript , JQuery on top of Bootstrap framework. It runs on Apache server. For full details see project details tabs below.

See comparison tab below to see the project features in each versions.

Installation Demo Basic Version Demo Advance Version Demo Group Exam Version Demo


Features at glance


Runs on PHP 7 or higher (recommended) but minimum of PHP 5.6 is required


Run on Mysql 5.0 or higher. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system


Quickly design and customize responsive mobile-first sites with world's most popular front-end open source


Project can run on Windows / Linux / MacOS.


JavaScript is the world's most popular programming language. Used for Client side validation, alerts, animations and plugins


The world's most popular and easiest to use icon set to make your site look pretty.


PDO is a Database Access Abstraction Layer. The main benefit is security, usability & reusability.


We split a large table into smaller tables and defines relationships among them to increases the simplicity.


InnoDB follows ACID model which helps making the data reliable. It has features like commit, rollback, row level locking etc


You get the source code of the project, customize it as per your needs.


All the forms has been properly validated using jQuery validation plugin.


Good programmer don't take chances. Basic PHP input data sanitizing & validation has also been done for all the form.


An admin panel always help you manage the front end of the project without writing a single line of code.


A small JavaScript library which allows you to create pretty programmatic dialog boxes.


I am always here to help you 24x7x365

Features provided in this project.

  • Excellent normalized database – Table has been mapped with primary and foreign key concepts, it has used indexing (on selected columns) as well for faster searching if the database grows to some million records
  • Usage of InnoDB to support transactions – InnoDB follows ACID model which helps making the data reliable. It has features like commit, rollback, row level locking etc. More about INNODB here.
  • Usage of PHP PDO Classes – PDO is a data abstraction layer that offers unified interface to access different database. which means if one fine day you want to migrate from MySQL to Oracle or any other RDBMS, you don’t have to change your php database code. More about PDO here.
  • Made With Bootstrap – Made with bootstrap and the template is mobile responsive. It adjusts to any device be it large screens, laptops, tablets or mobile.. Bootstrap site
  • FontAwesome – Beautiful Icons that are used all over the project. Fontawesome Site.
  • Bootbox– A beautiful bootstrap plugin that overrides basic alert, confirm, etc events. Bootbox site
  • Client Side Validation with JQuery – All the forms has been properly validated using jQuery validation plugin.
  • Server Side Validation – Good programmer don’t take chances. A basic php validation has also been done for all the form in case user has manage to defeat the client side validation by turning off JavaScript.
  • There will be only one Super-Admin who will be accessing the admin area and managing all the task.
  • Super-Admin has a forgot password feature as well. If he provides the proper admin ID, a new password will be generated and he will be logged in to the system.
  • Super-Admin can update his profile settings like name, email and password.
  • Super-Admin can add/edit/delete the categories like technology, sports, etc.
  • Super-Admin can add/edit/delete the subjects like Java, PHP, Mysql.
  • Super-Admin can view new users who have registered to the website.
  • Super-Admin can view exam results.
  • User can login/register to the website before taking exam.
  • User pick a exam to take test.
  • User can change their basic details like name, email and passwords.
  • User takes test and results will be displayed at the end of exam.
  • Admin can add variable options i.e answers can have a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 values.
  • In the user exam page, there’s question navigation bar which helps the user to switch to a particular question very easily.
  • Super-Admin have variable option facility, it can choose between 2 to 5 options for each question.

Full working source code.

  • Full working source code.
  • Database dump (sql file).
  • 5 CSS theme for bootstrap
  • Beautiful documentation that has installation steps and project description which will help you get started with this project.
  • Software Requirement Specification Document
    • Details about the projects
    • Use case model survey
    • Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagram (EER)
    • Steps to get database tables meta information (meta data)

Please note: If you are using this project for college/research purpose this documentation will help you a lot, Modify this documentation as per your needs.

Admin Panel YES YES YES
Admin - login YES YES YES
Admin - Update Profile YES YES YES
Admin - Exam Categories YES YES YES
Admin - Exam Subjects YES YES YES
Admin - Exam Subjects YES YES YES
Admin - Set Exam Paper YES YES YES
Admin - Text Questions & Answers YES YES YES
Admin - Image Questions & Answers NO YES YES
Admin - Import Questions & Answers NO YES YES
Admin - Export Questions & Answers NO YES YES
Admin - Answers variable options YES YES YES
Admin - Group Exams Subject NO NO YES
Admin - Users YES YES YES
Admin - Exam Results YES YES YES
Admin - Export Result PDF NO YES YES
Front - Registration YES YES YES
Front - Login YES YES YES
Front - Update Profile YES YES YES
Front - Exam Review NO YES YES
Front - Exam History NO YES YES
Front - Export Result PDF NO YES YES

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