Searching Google like a Boss

Searching Google like a Boss

One of the most basic thing we do everyday is searching on Google or simple googling. But sometimes we are not able to get the desired result even after constant changing of keywords. In that case try these tips and tricks that will help you get fast and more accurate results.

Keep it simple Silly!

Try to be accurate with your topic, be bang on the keyword, like if you are searching for a celebrity just type in the name, or if you are searching for a place type in the place name (if you know the town or zip code give them too). You can also see the person/city details on the right side of the google search results just by entering the celebrity/Country/Town/Organization name.


Spelling: Who cares!

Google has it’s own spell checker so you don’t have to worry about the spelling just try to be as close to the word as possible. Just concentrate on the keyword/subject that you are trying to find.


Use Unique keyword

The more unique your keyword, the more chances to get relevant results. The best example is when you search for a song to download, many of us just enter the song name. No this is not a good way to search, if you are looking for just audio songs try song name and the format (My Heart will go on mp3 download) or if its a video replace the format (My Heart will go on mp4 download)


Keywords are case-insensitive

Yes you heard it right, John Miller and JOHN MILLER will fetch you the same results. Try it yourself.


Special Characters, Punctuation are exempted from Search

Google ignores punctuation and special characters like !@#%^&*()[]/ so don’t even try to use them.


Less is Good

When you start your search, try using one to three keywords and then filter that results by adding keywords gradually. Let us suppose you want to get all the insights about james bond characters in the bond movies. You can first try searching James bond and then try to filter by adding actors, cars, places, etc to the keyword.


Quotation for exact search

Want results for exact keyword and in an exact order try putting quotation around the keyword. Use this when you are looking for quotes or a phrase or when you are sure about the particular content. Try searching I am Legend with and without the quotes around you can see the difference in the total count of the google results which is displayed just below the top search box. Google excludes the relevant results and search for the exact phrase and in same order when you put it around the quotes.


Speech recognition: Searching by voice

Google have launched audio speech recognition, you can use this feature in google chrome, android supported devices. Just tap the microphone button and and start speaking. Try it here below.


Searching in a particular site

There are times when you want to search a content for a specific site and the search toolbar provided by the site are not good enough. You can search easily just by adding site: followed by site name in your search keyword.


Searching by filetype

Sometime you are looking for a tutorial in pdf format and try searching many site can that provide you the pdf eBook. Try searching using filetype: followed by the file extension.


Get movie timing in your city theater

The most sought after thing for youngster is the movie timing, try entering the keyword “movie” and hit enter. Enter the location of your city on the first results (or you can change your location if you had previously entered ) and hit enter. You will be getting all the show timing, movie details, theater location. If you are still not get results for you city try “movie for <your city name>” e.g. movie for kolkata


Discover restaurant, local business around your city

Are felling hungry now after reading all the above tricks, grab some grilled chicken at KFC . Find out the nearest outlet around. just enter <brand or store> in <your city>. E.g kfc in kolkata or mcdonalds in kolkata.


Search Images on google using Advanced image search

On the google home page, select the Images tab. now enter any keyword like sunset.

Search Images on google using Advanced image search

Get time for a city or country

To get the time for a particular city or country in an instant just enter time <city or country name>. That’s it


If you guys knows other tricks, please share with us.

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