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About Me

Shahrukh Khan, popularly known as Hasan is the Coding Coach at Aaraf Academy who has years of hands-on experiences in web development and teaching.

As a regular kid from the metro city of Kolkata, Shahrukh's first experience with computers was when he was in 3rd standard. He found the subject quite interesting and craved to learn more. His passion inflamed when he got introduced to the programming language Java during high school and started looking for a career in software engineering. He attained a Master's Degree in Computer Applications.

Talking about the interests apart from work, Shahrukh is a bibliophile and philomath. Besides coding, Shahrukh also explored his passion for teaching while guiding his friends in projects and presentations. Hence, mentoring came naturally to him.

With his blogging platform aarafacademy.com, Shahrukh turned into a blogger and mentor to help students & programmers all around the world. Shahrukh has also won the hearts of students, professionals, co-developers and coding maniacs. What his fellows and followers appreciated the most, is his creativity, command over programming, humbleness, patience and dedication.

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

What is it all about

Quick Intro

Quick Intro

PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. The best things about using PHP are that it is extremely simple for a newcomer, but offers many advanced features for a professional programmer.

It is powerful enough to be at the core of the biggest blogging system on the web WordPress. It is deep enough to run the largest social network Facebook.



As per W3Techs' data, PHP is used by 78.9% of all websites with a known server-side programming language. In other words, more than 8 out of 10 websites that you visit on the Internet use PHP in some way.

Because PHP is so popular, you can always find tons of experienced PHP developers.

Learning Curve

Learning Curve

PHP is a relatively simple language to learn. In 3-6 months you may start developing mini-projects. But if you want to excel you have to do more than this.

Apart from the PHP basics, you must learn design patterns (MVC), Object-oriented Programming, HTTP, PHPDoc, writing efficient algorithms, and any good PHP framework of your choice.

But one should be a programmer in the first place. It would also be nice to take a look at some other languages, like Java or Python, just to learn from them.



To be blunt, Learning any programming language requires discipline. I would suggest getting a book or a teacher first before getting started. If your core knowledge of the language is solid, you will then benefit from online tutorials from YouTube or blogs.

The only way to learn PHP is to create something with what you've learned so far. Create real-world projects, keep adding multiple features in them and optimize your code as you go along. Surely, you will get there.

Career with PHP

Things you would be asked at the time of interview when applying for the role of Junior PHP developer.

  • Competence in PHP
  • Understanding of ACID property in MYSQL, writing SQL, etc.
  • Skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, XML
  • Command over OOPS concept, API integration
  • Familiar with WordPress.
  • Awareness of PHP-based frameworks

If you could pass all the above requirements, you will surely clear the interview. With hard work and determination, you will surely excel.

P.S: If you are good at communications as well, you can look out for opportunities around you. Try finding people looking to build a website. Work as a freelancer as well and add those work to your portfolio.

PHP Training Syllabus

What I offer









Mini Projects

Mini Projects

Major Projects

Major Projects

Bootstrap Library

Bootstrap Library




What People Say

Revanna Umadevi Nagraj
World Billiards Champion | Bengaluru, India

Shahrukh, although quite younger to me, has been my friend and always helped me with tech stuff. I was looking to build my portfolio site, and Shahrukh offered me a wonderful solution. He built my website revannaumadevi.com and always been welcoming to my request. He has immense experience at this young age, but what makes him stand out is his polite and humble behavior. I wish him success in his life.

Student | United Kingdom

One amongst the best things that had happened to me in the IT world was when I stumbled across Shahrukh Khan, couple of years back; through his blog thesoftwareguy.in. Then, when I was studying in the United Kingdom (UK), I went through his series of projects and I felt like I needed to have all the projects. I was personally impressed when I later discovered that he developed all the codes by himself. To cut long story short – I bought one of his codes and ever then I have been happy and busy with it.

Raju Nestam
Teacher, Ph.D Student | Vizag, India

With your blog and its services I learnt a lot about PHP and MySQL, for me your blog is a dictionary to me about web based language mostly on PHP, MySQL and related stuff. I learnt and developed different websites and also real-time projects in my career. And I got lot of appreciation to my work. Thanks a lot Shahrukh and I wish you make a successful career ahead.

Student | Rome, Italy

I discovered Shahrukh Khan a few years ago on YouTube. This year I have commissioned some works for him and they are Awesome! The main element that distinguishes a person from others is the passion for what you do. The quality and skill can be seen, no doubt. I highly recommend him.

Founder and Teacher at TEACHERSINPH.COM | Philippines

I was doing my dissertation on LMS and I came across thesoftwareguy website. I looked at Shahrukh’s premium source code and was interested with his education related source codes. I sent him a hangout chat and he responded with courtesy. Shahrukh is very accommodating and his website’s UI is very neat. My fiance and I are operating an IT biz and his website is awesomely helpful. Thanks Shahrukh.

Esmot Ela
Assistant Programmer | Dhaka, Bangladesh

I am a regular follower of this site. I get fantastic idea and useful information about programming. This site has probably the best and most encouraging tutorial. All your hard work is much appreciated. Wish this blog site more & more resourceful through its journey.

Yogesh Shinde
Software Developer | Pune, India

I have gone through many blogs of PHP but this one stands at top. You can get all the basics covered in perfect way. It also covers jquery, ajax kind of things which makes a big difference in your knowledge. Perfect blog to get perfection in web development in PHP.

Adnan Hazem
Research Fellow | United Kingdom

Thank you very much for all your support of making sure the web application runs smoothly on mine. Never came across a person sincerely passionate about his project and making sure his consumers getting the best of his web application.

Entrepreneur | Sri Lanka

This website is very good and Shahrukh have been an Immense help in doing this project a success. When I called him, he immediately responded and as well as he helped me setting up the project. I have been to many websites who really not have helped me but this guy is really cool and helped me in finishing up this project with a great success kudos to Shahrukh.

Student | United States

This guy is amazing like I couldn’t install it he even helped me with it and even helped me understand what to do where and sort everything out like step by step guide. I thought he’d stop responding once he sent me the project but he helped throughout everything and straight away no waiting around at all.

Entrepreneur | Japan

Thank you always for your professional advice. It was me who at first contacted you suddenly asking your advice through your blog. And you helped me kindly and even recently, you created one program to my company. You are awesome! I hope you and your blog continue helping people like me all over the world.

Parshv Shah
Programmer | India

Very nice blog. Each n every things r described perfectly. Perfect job done by u!!! I though PHP will take more time to learn..but this series of 5 tutorial helped me a lot. I learned this series within a week and n this is only because of this guy.
thank u very much.

Kaizer Musa
Student | Zamboanga, Philippines

Wow!, just wow!! A really great project and a Legitimate one too!, no scam no frauds!!
not just that, after I’ve made the payment sir Shahrukh didn’t left me hanging, he even helped me install the project and now, its running smoothly!! This project just might be the key for me to graduate this year!! haha thanks a lot sir Shahrukh, as a Computer Science student i really wish i could be as skilled as you are. A greetings of peace and salutations to you sir!

Jaimin Shah
Student | Mumbai, India

Thanks a lot for this project. Totally worth it!
First the response of Shahrukh was great. And there was no long waiting or delays for the reply and help.
I had a problem with the project, So I asked Shahrukh for help and by the time the problem didn’t got solved he was bashing his head here and there to solve the problem, but BOY O BOY finding the solution after 1 and a half hrs of continuous search, he solved the problem. So cheers to that hard work.
After this experience I would recommend all others for the purchase and believe of this project and hope to get the same response from him.
Keep it up !!

Entreprenuer | Vizag, India

Just one thing. Go for it. The best Online Examination System Project available on the internet. Not even an error. It is a perfect project at a reasonable cost. And the service was really quick. It just took 2 minutes to install and execute. I suggest the users to definitely buy this.

Entrepreneur | India

Wow!, just wow!! A really great project and a Legitimate one too!, no scam no frauds!!

Valmiki Nayak
Programmer | Bengaluru, India

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I thought I’d Google for a code that came near enough to what I wanted. First half hour I found a whole load of crap created by people with no idea how to code. And then, I found this one (Upload multiple images and create thumbnails) - it is perfect. Saved me a lot of time. Thanks buddy, you’re great!

Ray W
Programmer | United States

I just want to appreciate your work, especially on the fact that you reply personally on most of the questions that were asked also in most of your other posts, that is a really good practice for an admin for an educational type of page / website. Keep up the good work.

Consultant | Bangladesh

Just bought and used Online Exam System and I must say that Shahrukh has worked fantastic on this system. Good communication and prompt delivery on payment.

Student | Zambia

Thanks for the project, transaction was fast and you email the project within 24hrs. Everything on the system works nice and smooth. I really appreciate you help keep up the good work!!!

Daniel Tresso
Entrepreneur | Brazil

Hi everyone!!
I really appreciate doing business with Shahrukh Khan. He's been helpful and professional since first time we got contact. Thanks for being the man who gave me a software solution.

I’m going to recommend your Projects here in Brazil.

Alexa S
Business Person | United States

Online Inventory System software is great, Shahrukh is great professional , help to install and running on my server
Strongly recommend it

Ranuka Iresh
Entrepreneur | Sri Lanka

This online software is great, and it is really fast and meet my all requirements. and i recommended to any of international buyer to get this software with out any risk. the developer is nice person to do business. he is really genuine person. i transferred money through Paypal but i never meet him. within 2 days he send me the full project files as he promised. +++++++++++++++++A

Sohini Chakroborty
Student | Kolkata, India

This project is very appropriately done with the necessary modules by Shahrukh Sir, at a reasonable rate also. It helped me a lot before my final exams. Thank you very much Sir. Keep doing such projects more

Rajiv Shaw
Teacher | Kolkata, India

One of the best blog of PHP I have seen on internet. I look up to him wheneeven I need any assistance. Great person to have a chat as well.

Sunny Jha
Choreographer | Howrah, India

Shahrukh has helped me build my website and he is always been helpful to me. He is an amazing guy. I recommend him.