Online Hotel Management System

This project is made with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and JQuery on top of the Bootstrap framework and runs on an Apache server.


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Online Hotel Management System

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  • There will be only one Super Admin who will be accessing the admin area and managing all the task.
  • Super Admin has a forgot password feature as well. If he provides the proper admin ID, a new password will be generated and he will be logged in to the system.
  • Super Admin can update his profile settings like name, email and password.
  • Super Admin can add/edit/delete the rooms.
  • Super Admin can view/delete the users registered on the website.
  • Super Admin can update order status.
  • Super Admin can delete order.
  • Super Admin can print invoice receipt.
  • Super Admin can save invoice receipt as PDF
  • User can login/register to the website before taking exam.
  • User can check for a room availability on a particular date range.
  • If room is available then the user can add it to the cart.
  • User selects the payment method ( Cash on delivery/Bank Transfer) Offline payments.
  • User completes the checkout process.
  • User can see orders in the order history.
  • User can print invoice receipt.
  • User can change their basic details like name, email and passwords.
  • Excellent normalized database – Table has been mapped with primary and foreign key concepts, it has used indexing (on selected columns) as well for faster searching if the database grows to some million records
  • Usage of InnoDB to support transactions – InnoDB follows the ACID model which helps make the data reliable. It has features like commit, rollback, row-level locking, etc. More about INNODB here.
  • Usage of PHP PDO Classes – PDO is a data abstraction layer that offers a unified interface to access different databases. If you want to migrate from MySQL to Oracle or any other RDBMS, you don’t have to change your PHP database code. More about PDO here.
  • Made With Bootstrap – The template uses the bootstrap library which is mobile responsive. It adjusts to any device be it large screens, laptops, tablets, or mobile. Visit Bootstrap site for more details.
  • Font Awesome – Stunning icons throughout the project. Visit Font Awesome Site.
  • Bootbox– A beautiful bootstrap plugin that overrides basic alert, confirm, etc events. Bootbox site
  • Client-Side Validation with JQuery – All the forms have been properly validated using jQuery validation plugin.
  • Server-Side Validation – Good programmers don’t take chances. PHP validation has also been done for all the form pages in case the user has managed to defeat the client-side validation by turning off JavaScript.
  • Full working source code.
  • Database dump (sql file).
  • 5 CSS theme for bootstrap
  • Beautiful documentation that has installation steps and project description which will help you get started with this project.
  • Software Requirement Specification Document
    • Details about the projects
    • Use case model survey
    • Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagram (EER)
    • Steps to get database tables meta information (meta data)


At a glance


This project runs on PHP 5.6 or higher (PHP 7 recommended). The project is not fully compatible is PHP 8.


The Project runs on Mysql 5.0 or higher. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system.


Quickly design and customize responsive mobile-first sites with the world's most popular front-end open source

Cross Platform

Project can run on Windows / Linux / MacOS.

JavaScript & jQuery

JavaScript is the most widely used programming language in the world. It's used in client-side validation, alerts, animations, and plugins

Font Awesome

The world's most popular and easiest to use icon set to make your site look pretty.


Make your site look pretty with the world's most popular and easiest to use icon set.

Normalized Tables

We split a large table into smaller tables and defines relationships among them to increase the simplicity.

INNODB - support transactions

InnoDB follows the ACID model which helps make the data reliable. It has features like commit, rollback, row-level locking, etc.

Client-Side & Server-Side Validation

All the forms have been properly validated both on the server and client-side.

Admin Panel

An admin panel (if available) that helps you manage the front end of the project without writing a single line of code.


A small JavaScript library that allows you to create pretty programmatic dialog boxes.

Source Code

You get the source code of the project, customize it as per your needs.

Value for money

The Best PHP Projects at the Least Price

Rockstar Support

I am always here to help you 24x7x365


Author's Note

Shahrukh Khan, popularly known as Hasan is the Coding Coach at Aaraf Academy who has years of hands-on experiences in web development and teaching.

I am sure that these PHP projects will be helpful to the you.

To read more about me. Click here.

Shahrukh Khan (Hasan)


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Yogesh Shinde
Software Developer | Pune, India

I have gone through many blogs of PHP but this one stands at top. You can get all the basics covered in perfect way. It also covers jquery, ajax kind of things which makes a big difference in your knowledge. Perfect blog to get perfection in web development in PHP.

Entrepreneur | Japan

Thank you always for your professional advice. It was me who at first contacted you suddenly asking your advice through your blog. And you helped me kindly and even recently, you created one program to my company. You are awesome! I hope you and your blog continue helping people like me all over the world.

Jaimin Shah
Student | Mumbai, India

Thanks a lot for this project. Totally worth it! First the response of Shahrukh was great. And there was no long waiting or delays for the reply and help. I had a problem with the project, So I asked Shahrukh for help and by the time the problem didn’t got solved he was bashing his head here and there to solve the problem, but BOY O BOY finding the solution after 1 and a half hrs of continuous search, he solved the problem. So cheers to that hard work. After this experience I would recommend all others for the purchase and believe of this project and hope to get the same response from him. Keep it up !!

Raju Nestam
Teacher, Ph.D Student | Vizag, India

With your blog and its services I learnt a lot about PHP and MySQL, for me your blog is a dictionary to me about web based language mostly on PHP, MySQL and related stuff. I learnt and developed different websites and also real-time projects in my career. And I got lot of appreciation to my work. Thanks a lot Shahrukh and I wish you make a successful career ahead.

Kaizer Musa
Student | Zamboanga, Philippines

Wow!, just wow!! A really great project and a Legitimate one too!, no scam no frauds!! not just that, after I’ve made the payment sir Shahrukh didn’t left me hanging, he even helped me install the project and now, its running smoothly!! This project just might be the key for me to graduate this year!! haha thanks a lot sir Shahrukh, as a Computer Science student i really wish i could be as skilled as you are. A greetings of peace and salutations to you sir!

Founder and Teacher at TEACHERSINPH.COM | Philippines

I was doing my dissertation on LMS and I came across thesoftwareguy website. I looked at Shahrukh’s premium source code and was interested with his education related source codes. I sent him a hangout chat and he responded with courtesy. Shahrukh is very accommodating and his website’s UI is very neat. My fiance and I are operating an IT biz and his website is awesomely helpful. Thanks Shahrukh.

Consultant | Bangladesh

Just bought and used Online Exam System and I must say that Shahrukh has worked fantastic on this system. Good communication and prompt delivery on payment.

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Thanks for the project, transaction was fast and you email the project within 24hrs. Everything on the system works nice and smooth. I really appreciate you help keep up the good work!!!


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